About the association

The founder of the Eran Charities Association Sharon Alkaoi in a rare and exciting interview on Channel 13

The Hasadi Eran Association was founded in 2008 by Sharon Alkaoui, the brother of the late Captain Eran Alkaoui who fell in battle against Hezbollah in 1992. From a place of bereavement and the enormous loss of a young life cut off prematurely, Sharon decided to dedicate his life to perpetuating Eran’s memory through action and contribution to the community which is founded on the same values ​​that Eran Hanhil instilled in his life and in his death, values ​​of honesty, reliability, giving, patience, and open-heartedness.

Every year the Hasadi Eran association distributes over 2,000 food baskets during the holidays, gives hundreds of school bags to school children, distributes tens of thousands of shekels in vouchers to indigent soldiers or their families, holds children and youth activities, commemorative and memorial events, special shows and a large variety of other Charitable activities – and all this with the full volunteering of all those who lend a hand.

The association's activity in numbers

Food baskets for soldiers and the poor every holiday

Endless support for soldiers in Iron Swords War

Medical equipment, food, combat equipment, warm clothing

Vouchers for soldiers and the indigent