Eran in the community

Introducing: “Eran in the Community” Project:

Because everyone deserves a warm home to return to.

After 14 years of contribution and assistance to lone soldiers and soldiers in need, the “Hasadi Eran” family has decided that it is time to take their efforts one step further. We are proud and excited to introduce our new and ambitious project, “Eran in the Community.” Approximately 5,700 lone soldiers in Israel often deal with the same repeating issue: “Where will they go during their military downtime?” Unfortunately, although some organizations offer a stay to lone soldiers, and some families kindly open their homes for them, thousands of lone soldiers are left with nowhere to stay when they get some time off from their service.

The “Eran in the Community” project aims to provide a warm home for lone soldiers before their recruitment to the IDF, during their service, and after their military discharge.

The Vision and Goal of the “Eran in the Community” Project

As an organization working to assist lone soldiers and soldiers in need, we have personally come to know thousands of young soldiers who have taught us one or two things about life. With open hearts, a sea of values, and the wisdom of life that they, unfortunately, acquired in less joyful circumstances, we understood that, at the end of the day, these young people who are still searching for their place in the world and are in need for top-to-bottom support. Therefore, the vision of “Eran in the Community” is to establish a home for lone soldiers where they can return to on every vacation from the army, feel comfortable, enjoy warm meals, be in a supportive and loving environment, and most importantly, know that they have somewhere to go and not just as guests. In addition, the home will include guidance and counseling from a qualified team that will assist them and provides them with an attentive ear when they want to share, whether it’s about various challenges during their military service, personal matters, or making plans for the future.

A Communal home in the Heart of an Urban Environment

We at the “Hasadi Eran” organization see “Eran in the Community” as one of our largest and most significant projects so far, and our aspiration for the future is to establish additional homes nationwide and provide as many lone soldiers as possible with a place they can call home. However, to turn the project from a vision into reality, we need your help.

Where will your Donations go?

With your donations, we will be able to implement the architectural plan of “Eran in the Community,” which was designed by “The Aviv Architecture and Interior Design” company. The plan includes:

  • A large and impressive activity space.
  • A team rooms.
  • A laundry room.
  • Restrooms.
  • Shared bedrooms.
  • A versatile cafeteria.
  • A basketball court.
  • A swimming pool.

****The Architecture company has designed the structure to accommodate any required size in the establishment area.***

Help us establish the “Eran in the Community” home

Please believe in our vision and assist us with donations. Every donation can help us establish a warm home for lone soldiers. Together, we can change the lives of many young people who enlist in the IDF against all odds, difficulties, and challenges and strengthen us as a nation and Israeli society.

On behalf of them and ourselves, we sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

***The organization is a NPO (a non-profit association, without salaried employees and without salaried management!)****

You can donate on our website, and may you always be on the giving side.