About the late Captain Eran Alkaoy

The late Capt. Eran Alkaoy

Eran ben Naomi and Ovadia, was born on the 26th day of Bayer 5788 (May 24, 1968) in Rishon Lezion.

Eran spent his childhood years in Rishon Lezion, where he studied at the “Sini” religious state elementary school and then at the “Gan Nahum” gymnasium in the city. Eran was a happy boy, who loved to read books and play sports. His childhood friends remember his extraordinary honesty and sincerity as well as his charming smile that helped him get away with many mischievous acts.

In 1986, Eran enlisted in the IDF and volunteered for the Parachute Corps. After the training and after being trained as a fighter, he was sent to an officers’ course and at the end of it he returned to his unit as a MM. While serving as a military commander, Eran participated in a study conducted by the IDF Leadership School and he was one of ten outstanding officers whose stories were cited as examples of leadership and excellence. Eran completed an MP course with honors and was appointed to the position of MP in his unit.

His subordinates adored him and the evaluations of his commanders were also always respectful. “A very good officer, original and efficient. Fulfills his role seriously and while demonstrating great professional knowledge. Reliable and dedicated with a high personal level, fulfills his role with great zeal and involvement, professional and caring.”

This was Eran, these were his values. His teammates and headquarters always said that he was a very tough commander, yet a shy, modest person who was admirable in his ability to demand a constructive and positive attitude from himself and his soldiers. On the one hand, he kept his distance from his soldiers as befits a commander, but nothing prevented him from taking care of each of them personally and devotedly.

On the 16th of Adar 1 572 (20.2.1992), near the village of Kafra in Lebanon, Eran fell in battle against Hezbollah. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Rishon-Lzion, the city of his childhood and residence Eran left behind his parents, sister Anat, and two brothers Yaniv and Sharon, and a life partner Gaia For his permanent service he received a certificate of recognition and honor .

Among the comforters were the top security and government officials in Israel, including the then defense minister, Moshe Arens who wrote to Eran’s family:

“Captain Eran Alkaoui gave his life for his country. He was a professional, humble, caring and responsible officer. He demanded high demands from his soldiers while being overly sensitive to individual life. He was a charismatic leader and was an exemplary personal example.”

The Chief of Staff at the time, Major General Ehud Barak eulogized him: “I discovered a most admired commander who always strived for perfection.”

The Hasadi Eran association, in memory of the late Capt. Eran Elkaoy, works to perpetuate his values and continue the path of Eran, whose Land of Israel, the homeland, the people of Israel and the values of giving, kindness, integrity and patience were a candle to his feet.  

This year, 2016, Eran’s father, the late Ovadia Alkaoi, passed away. The Hasadi Eran association, the volunteers and the family’s lovers bow their heads in sorrow for his death and wish his family to know no more sorrow.

The Minister of Defense, Moshe Bogi Ya’alon, paid tribute to the late Ovadia:

“Ovadia Elkaoy passed away tonight. Ovadia was the father of the late Major Eran, a company commander in the 202nd Battalion, who was killed in a battle with terrorists in southern Lebanon in February 1992.

I had the privilege, as the paratrooper brigadier, to be Eran’s commander. Eran was a high-quality, ethical and professional officer, one of the best, most talented and bravest commanders who emerged in the Paratroopers Brigade in those years. He always stood at the head, led, took responsibility, educated his soldiers in values, a role model for all of us, and also for me.

All this goodness was given to Eran by his parents, Ovadia (who was a civilian employee of the IDF until his retirement) and Naomi, in their modest home in Rishon Lezion. Such special and humble people who taught their children good values, to contribute to the country, to be a big head and to take responsibility.

This special family lost their father, their anchor, tonight. A man whom I got to know in depth after Eran’s fall, and who left an impression on me thanks to his special personality, his quiet human strength, and his ability to continue living despite the enormous loss.

Ovadia will be missed by me and everyone who knew her.

I would like to share in the grief of my wife Naomi, children Anat, Yaniv and Sharon and the rest of the family.

May the memory of Ovadia and Eran Alkaoi be blessed.”