Distribution of food packages and gift vouchers

Have you thought about what you will eat today? What do you fancy? So for thousands of Israelis the daily issue is “will they eat today”. It’s not about indulgences or privileges, it’s about basic products that not everyone in the State of Israel can afford. Feeling hungry is one of the most difficult feelings a person can experience and is considered a fundamental violation of human rights. But for low-income families there is no time to fight for rights or justice, as they struggle daily for their basic survival.

“How is that our problem?” A legitimate question that is often asked. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where everyone receives help from the sources responsible for it, and quite a few people fall through the cracks. With her, life can surprise us all, and no one can guarantee that tomorrow we won’t be the ones who need help.

The “Hasadi Eran” association, which operates all year round, considers helping those in need a personal and moral responsibility, and distributes special shopping vouchers that allow them to purchase basic products such as food, clothes, pharmaceutical products and more. The notes are distributed all over the country to families and children, soldiers, the elderly, single people, and Holocaust survivors, according to their need and financial situation. For them, these buy notes are a bright spot in the darkness, and whose existential assistance they so desperately need. 

Help us expand the circle of assistance!

The vouchers given to those in need are purchased with the help of your donations!

Every donation, even the smallest, helps the association “Hasadi Eran” to expand the circle of aid and continue the blessed work. The donations to the Hasadi Eran association are transferred directly to those who need it most, such as soldiers and their families and others in need in the community, and the association, which is non-profit (a non-profit association, with no paid employees and no paid management) works to reach them directly and lend a helping hand.

Help us to help, donate generously, because every donation helps us to continue operating!

Donate here on the website to the association, and may you always be on the giving side.