Donation to soldiers and their families

The soldiers and their families are at the center of our association’s activity. We dedicate countless hours and budgets that vary yearly to assist and promote individual soldiers, disabled soldiers, and families of soldiers who need additional help.

On Rosh Hashanah and Passover, we distribute hundreds of food packages for a holiday with plenty of products to the soldiers’ families, which arrive directly at their homes. Apart from that, we give out shopping vouchers that allow you to shop for other things on a larger scale.

Eran’s values are a candle to our feet, and that is why all of us, the directors and volunteers of the association, have made it our goal to sanctify the values of giving, love of others, perseverance in the goal, and patience, and we are at the service of the soldiers in everything and matter and try to recruit our volunteers to act anywhere and at any time when they ask for our help.


Please help us help the soldiers!

Donate here on the website to the association; you can also help.

Every donation to the Hasadi Eran association goes directly to those who need it the most – the soldiers, their families, and others in need. The non-profit association (a non-profit association with no paid employees and no paid management) makes sure to reach every one of them directly and extend a helping hand and a big smile.

Please help us to help, and donate generously because every donation helps us to continue operating!