Aid for Lone Soldiers

There are soldiers in Israel who struggle with poverty. Now allow us to repeat it: There are soldiers in Israel who struggle with poverty!

Does it sound outrageous? Perhaps exaggerated? While the holiday season is one of the most joyful and enjoyable times for many of us, there are lone soldiers and soldiers from disadvantaged families who lack the financial means to purchase holiday food products, let alone essential food items throughout the year. Apart from being an inconceivable reality, it is unacceptable that those young individuals who risk their lives daily for the safety of the State of Israel would remain hungry and isolated during the holidays. Israeli holidays, especially Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and the Passover Seder night, are when the Jewish people put aside their differences and, together with their families and loved ones, celebrate with a festive meal. Ironically, during a period that is supposed to unite all of the people in the country, we seem to forget about those who are the “heart and soul” of the State of Israel—the IDF soldiers. Whether they are lone soldiers who have come to enlist or combat soldiers from impoverished backgrounds, our moral and social obligation is to extend a helping hand to them and ensure that they especially have a “Happy Holiday.”

“Hasadi Eran” Organization: Our Holiday Baskets 

During every holiday, the organization undertakes a vital mission. It works diligently to assist all those young soldiers and their families who need support and provides them with large and indulgent holiday packages. The holiday baskets include essential food products such as flour, sugar, coffee, pastries, canned goods, fresh vegetables and fruits, and chicken and frozen products (like vegetables!). Each package is personally delivered to the soldiers and their families. Furthermore, to bring joy to our soldiers, we add various holiday treats according to the best Jewish traditions, such as honey for Rosh Hashanah, a package of matzot for Passover, and more. This is made possible only through donations from generous people and various organizations during the holiday season.

Our volunteers

Our volunteers come from all sectors of Israeli society, and we need them to be able to carry out our important operations. With the help of these soldiers, students, youth movement members, community members, and other volunteers, we succeed each year in distributing more than 2,000-holiday food packages and reaching thousands of soldiers in Israel who rely on us. Our volunteers pack, organize, and load the packages onto our distribution truck. With the holiday packages and hundreds of our volunteers, we also convey a paramount message to all those soldiers who face daily challenges, loneliness, and inner struggles—they are not alone!

Please Help us to Continue with our Work

We at “Hasadi Eran” organization believe that through giving, tolerance, and respect for others, we can narrow gaps and build a stronger and thriving society. Please believe in our vision and assist us through donations. Every donation helps the organization expand the circle of assistance and extend a helping hand to all those soldiers in need.