Our Soldiers Are Our Future, but They Need Your Help Today!

By making a small donation to our organization, you can assist in the well-being of thousands of lonely soldiers across Israel.

Donations for Lone Soldiers and Soldiers in Need

While it has never been easy to ask people for donations, in our time, it requires courage. Amid the high cost of living and rising prices impacting everyone nationwide, many people are forced to seal their ears and focus on their own difficulties. We hope you will forgive us, but we ask you from the depths of our hearts not to do so. In a period characterized by polarization and internal conflicts that only widen the gaps among us, there is still one thing that connects all the people of Israel, and it can even be said is our “glue” as an Israeli society: our love and appreciation for the IDF soldiers.

The “Hasadi Eran” organization operates annually to assist lone soldiers and soldiers in need and their families. Although it is sad to hear, many of them struggle with severe poverty. In fact, some soldiers live without financial support and are often forced to choose between buying a snack or shampoo. Some lone soldiers have nowhere to stay when they leave the base; worse, they cannot afford to purchase food during these days, so they remain hungry until they return to the military base. It is a daily struggle and a burden that people their age should not bear, especially not the soldiers of the IDF who risk their lives to guard the State of Israel. For us all!


 The “Hasadi Eran” organization needs and asks for your help. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us continue working for lone soldiers, soldiers in need, and their families. If everyone contributes a symbolic amount, we can continue assisting those soldiers who depend on us and expand our range of activities. Every year, we distribute thousands of food packages and shopping vouchers to soldiers; for them, it is not a luxury or privilege but essential products they cannot afford. 

Our organization, established in memory of Sergeant Eran Alkawi, believes that helping soldiers is a duty and a privilege. IDF soldiers are our past, present, and future, and THEIR well-being is the well-being of ALL OF US. 

Please help us extend a helping hand to them.

For your information:

  • Every donation to the ” Hasadi Eran” organization is tax-deductible under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.
  • We offer a wide variety of payment methods for your convenience: payment via BIT, paybox, credit card, bank transfer, and sending a check by mail.
  • The “Hasadi Eran” organization is a non-profit organization, and its entire activities are monitored by a legal advisor and accountant.

Help us to help others, and donate heartily because every donation assists us in continuing our work! 

You can donate on our website, and may you always be on the giving side.

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