Commemorative events and Memorial Day

The association “Hasdi Eran” was established by Sharon Alkaoui, the brother of the late Captain Eran Alkaoui. From a place of heavy loss and bereavement, Sharon chose to perpetuate Eran’s memory through a blessed act and giving to the community, just as Eran used to do in his life. Eran, who was an MP in a paratrooper battalion, led and commanded his company in Gaon, fell in battle against Hezbollah on the Lebanese border on February 20, 1992, leaving behind a legacy of values of patience, giving, decency, love of others, and sacrifice for the cause. The “Hasadi Eran” association, which works all year round to uphold Eran’s legacy, considers holding commemorative events and days of remembrance a right and a duty both to cherish our gratitude to those heroes who commanded us to live with their death, and also to remember the soldiers who will forever remain in our hearts.

For us, the commemoration of the fallen is the core of the association and the force that continues to motivate us to continue operating even in challenging times, and although we cannot bring them back to life we work to perpetuate their memory and take inspiration from their lives. Every year the “Hasadi Eran” association holds various events to commemorate Eran’s memory and thereby raises funds dedicated to the continued existence of the association and the many projects designed to contribute to the community and help the needy who need it most.

In memory of Eran

The diverse projects of the “Hasadi Eran” association include celebratory shows with the participation of well-known singers and artists throughout the country, and every year a spring race is held in memory of Eran with over a thousand participants, a race that has already become one of the most talked about and exciting events among athletes and community members in the central region.

“Hasadi Eran” association for the soldiers!

The “Hasadi Eran” association helps those in need, including families, children, the elderly, Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers. The activity of the association focuses on the aid of food and equipment, and works at any given moment with the aim of expanding its circle of activity and reaching more and more people who need assistance. With the help of your generous donations and our hundreds of volunteers, the association is able to provide food packages for the holiday, organize youth activities that take place in the schools, distribute school bags to needy students at the beginning of the year, visit the hospitals and make the sick children happy, and give shopping vouchers to the soldiers’ families who need assistance. The “Hasadi Eran” association works and will continue to work for the soldiers, and it does this with the help of all the donors, volunteers, and the good people who support it.

Help us continue to perpetuate Eran’s memory through a contribution to the community

Every donation, even the smallest, helps the association “Hasadi Eran” to expand the circle of aid and continue the blessed work. The donations to the Hasadi Eran association are transferred directly to those who need it most, such as soldiers and their families and others in need in the community, and the association, which is non-profit (a non-profit association, with no paid employees and no paid management) works to reach them directly and lend a helping hand.

Help us to help, donate generously, because every donation helps us to continue operating!

Donate here on the website to the association, and may you always be on the giving side.