Social and youth activity

Do you remember your childhood? the innocence? the joy Or maybe the days of youth when we celebrated life without worries but with lovable dramas that became unforgettable memories. Well, children and teenagers from families of low socioeconomic status do not have this privilege. Between the daily feeling of hunger, the family pressure cooker and the struggle to survive, they don’t get to experience childhood and youth without worries. Therefore, the Hasadi Eran association, which works all year round with the aim of helping those in need, makes sure not only to help through food packages and shopping vouchers, but also through planning various fun activities for children and teenagers. It is important to understand, life below the poverty line is a life full of pressures and emotional burdens (and even more so when it comes to children!) and we should not ignore this and turn our backs on them.

Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers of the association who come to us from all corners of Israeli society, we manage to create various projects and amazing social activities for children and youth throughout the country. The projects of the “Hasadi Eran” association are many and varied and they are designed to make happy, nurture, and above all help all those children and teenagers to also experience moments of happiness and contentment.

The projects of the association “Hasadi Eran”

Backpack for every child project – every year the association provides children from low-income families with backpacks and personal equipment for school.

Activities during the holidays – during the holidays, and especially during Purim and Hanukkah, the association’s volunteers go to the hospitals to visit and especially to make happy the children and youth hospitalized in the various wards. The volunteers distribute gift packages to the children, and set up a festive carnival of giant dolls, clowns, and special activities for them. This is one of the blessed and important actions of the association that makes everyone involved get excited, from the volunteers to the medical teams.

Holiday packages for soldiers project – “Hasadi Eran” association comes to the schools and participates with the students in the activity of preparing holiday packages for soldiers and their families, thank you letters and personal drawings of the children. Not only is this a fun and educational activity, but our soldiers also enjoy receiving a celebratory package, and often send touching letters of thanks to the students.

The “Hasadi Eran” association wants to continue creating more activities, and it needs your help!

Every donation, even the smallest, helps the association “Hasadi Eran” to expand the circle of aid and continue the blessed work. The donations to the Hasadi Eran association are transferred directly to those who need it most, such as soldiers and their families and others in need in the community, and the association, which is non-profit (a non-profit association, with no paid employees and no paid management) works to reach them directly and lend a helping hand.

Help us help and donate generously

Donate here on the website to the association and with the help of your donations we can continue to make children and teenagers who need it happy.