Balance house for the treatment of battle shock and PTSD syndrome

You know that the things you put it your head stay there, right?’
‘Yes. But you remember some things, don’t you?’‘
Yes. You remember the things you want to forget and forget thethings you want to remember.
Cormac McCarthy, The Road 


Establishment of a balance house for the treatment of battle shock and PTSD syndrome

The Hasadi Eran association established in memory of the late Eran Alkaoui is embarking on a new and significant project to establish a clearing house for veterans of combat units who suffer from battle shock and PTSD syndrome. While the association has been working devoutly since 2008 to help and contribute to the community as a whole, from the beginning of its establishment, helping the IDF soldiers has been the focus “and the beating heart” of their work. After years of assisting individual soldiers and providing a response to every existing need, the Hasadi Eran association decided that it is its duty to raise the cry of the silent soldiers and to act for those who have long been no longer part of the military system but continue to carry with them the sorrow and trauma and are prisoners of the horrors they experienced in the fighting systems for the security of State of Israel.

What is a balance sheet?

Beit Mazen is a dedicated space that provides a therapeutic framework and an envelope of professional and medical treatments by various professionals from the field of mental health. This is an innovative treatment model that focuses on recovery and creating a supportive and inclusive environment to help former soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Also, just as it is called “Beit Mazen”, the main goal is to restore the mental and physical balance to the victims and help them function, cope, heal, and live a better and fuller life without letting their past memories prevent it. It is important to understand that, although the PTSD syndrome has different levels, in many cases those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are in a daily struggle to function both functionally and emotionally.

What is post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD)?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition resulting from the experience of a traumatic event. The symptoms of this disorder may include flashbacks, nightmares, severe daily anxiety, and compulsive thinking about the event itself even years later. In fact, PTSD syndrome is a type of mechanism in which the brain “gets stuck” on the split second when the victim was in danger and felt an abysmal fear, and those feelings cause the body to continue signaling distress even when there is no longer any real danger. Also, studies show that among PTSD victims there is hyperactivity in the part of the brain that processes emotions (amygdala), which triggers mental and physiological symptoms. Either way, this disorder has devastating consequences and causes avoidance of thoughts, feelings, people, noises, places, imbalance in mood, memory or thought patterns, hypervigilance, sleep disorders, angry outbursts, destructive behavior, and even in severe cases suicidal thoughts.

PTSD syndrome among Israeli soldiers

While PTSD syndrome can develop in anyone and as a result of various traumatic events, it is very common in Israel and about 10-15% of all casualties in the combat systems are victims of battle shock. At the same time, although there is awareness of the problem and approximately 5,000 former soldiers are recognized as battle victims by the Ministry of Defense, in practice there are tens of thousands of other victims who do not receive recognition, support or assistance. in words

others? Those soldiers who served in the IDF and bravely fought for the security of the country, were left alone in the campaign, and are unable to lead a normal life or finance themselves for medical treatment, and it is precisely for them that the “Hasadi Eran” association is working to establish a balance sheet.

Establishing a balance sheet of the “Hasadi Eran” association: vision and purpose

The association “Hasadi Eran” is working to establish a balance house for the disabled of the IDF and combat survivors with the aim of providing a rehabilitation and support framework of the highest standards. At Beit Mazen, ex-soldiers will be able to seek help and receive a range of different treatments, from medical to psychiatric, and undergo the professional rehabilitation they need to create a healthy, positive, and stable lifestyle as much as possible. Unfortunately, many war veterans find themselves in a state of “mental paralysis” and are unable to work and earn a living, maintain relationships, enjoy their free time, and above all live a worthy and happy life as they deserve. And beyond that, sometimes the failure to treat the problem leads to psychiatric hospitalizations and worsening of the condition, which makes the hope of recovery even more difficult and distant. At the “Hasadi Eran” association we believe that this can be changed, but more importantly, this is our experience as an Israeli company to do so. By establishing a treatment center that operates around the clock, advanced and diverse treatment methods that are personalized for each patient, and a warm and family attitude, We can help the people who gave their lives for our lives. It is important to remember, even though their hearts are still beating and they are considered the “lucky ones” left alive, they live their lives from breath to breath as a faded shadow of themselves and with a terrible sense of loss for those friends who fought by their side and lost their lives, but also for the loss of the joy of life.

Please help us with one of our most important missions to date: providing rehabilitative treatments to
war victims, and restoring hope to their lives. They need it, and importantly, they deserve it.