Our Supply and Distribution Truck

Our supply and distribution truck began operating in 2010 and has since become one of the symbols of our organization. With this ruck, we distribute food and other donations and travel nationwide to reach every soldier in need. Our truck distributes over 2000 holiday packages, food packages, and gift vouchers to our beloved soldiers all year around.

Assisting Lone Soldiers in Other Activities

Our supply and distribution truck also serves other essential purposes, to help lone soldiers save unnecessary expenses. For example, our truck is often used to help them move homes when needed. We do this out of full volunteering and with a lot of love, expecting nothing in return except for a big smile on their faces.

A Truck of “Giving”

Although our supply and distribution truck is integral to our operation, it is much more than a “vehicle” for all included. Gradually and without us even realizing it, our truck has become a symbol of giving and brotherhood, representing the kindness of all the donors and volunteers of the organization, without whom we would not be able to continue this blessed and significant work.

Please Help us to Continue with our Work

We at “Hasadi Eran” organization believe that through giving, tolerance, and respect for others, we can narrow gaps and build a stronger and thriving society. Please believe in our vision and assist us through donations. Every donation helps the organization expand the circle of assistance and extend a helping hand to all those soldiers in need.

***The organization is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization), without salaried employees or management! ***

Help us to help others, and donate heartily because every donation assists us in continuing our work! 

You can donate on our website, and may you always be on the giving side.